“She’s Not An American. Why Did She Win???”


Nina Davuluri, an Asian-American, is an American!

From the time she uttered those words to remark that she and her fellow pageant mate are “Asian-Americans” Twitter, Facebook and a slew of other social media has been set ablaze with ignorance. (see pictures from the internet below)





In actuality, Nina Davuluri embodies what America truly is- a combination of many cultures living under one oath, the Pledge of Allegiance. We are not a melting pot anymore, we are a mixed salad! Cultures come and adapt to living conditions but never lose sight of who they are and that’s excellent.

So if you have a problem with that I suggest you cook at home and NEVER go out for take out- No Italian, Chinese, Thai, West Indian/Caribbean, NONE OF IT! The only thing that I’ve heard was an all American dish was ‘The Apple Pie’ and even that isn’t. It’s European! Apples did not exist here until they were brought over and trees were planted.
(Oh and that blurb about offending the devoutly “religious” – I’m not religious I’m a Christian so I know God created nature and creature before mankind. Confused you? Ask me about it sometime.)

In addition to cooking your own meals, you should also learn to make your own clothes, rear your own children, maintain your households on your own, do your own yard work, stop traveling, and use ABSOLUTELY NOTHING imported. Sounds absurd? Well so do the the thousands of people who share the opinion that if you aren’t white you’re not right or in this case “American”. By the way, America was named after an Italian explorer named Amerigo Vespucci.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the ONLY people who have a right to say ANYTHING regarding anyone’s origins in THIS COUNTRY are the NATIVES (I won’t call them Native American because for them this land was NOT America). Truth is, if every family in this country did a DNA family search they’d ALL have hyphens added to their “American”. We all hail from SOMEWHERE and are now blessed to call this land our home.


(Above: Miss California, Crystal Lee, excellently executing her ballet routine)


(Above: Miss New York before becoming Miss America, Nina Davuluri, wowing the crowd with her beautiful Bollywood inspired dance routine- I LOVED IT!)

If you’re angry, too bad. If you’re happy about it, great! Vent on this post, I want to read what you have to say. Comment.


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  1. On point!

  2. Well written. People are vicious and it goes to show even though people think we’re come so far, we’ve a hell of a lot more traveling to do.

  3. Nicolette Chapman

    Most people who talk all that garbage about people not being real Americans know the least or are in complete denial about their own history in this country. I like the term mixed salad you used. Like it or not, people are just gonna have to live with the truth.

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