Same-Sex Marriage in the Church?

Okay, so I know everyone is buzzing with the news and trial of Rev. Frank Schaefer. I will make this short.

Same-sex marriage is wrong in the sight of God. I’ve listened to the Schaefers being interviewed and what I’ve noticed is that nothing was said concerning the Word of God and why God Himself says it is wrong. This is not about the other things that are not acceptable in God’s eyes, so let’s focus on the subject at hand- same-sex relations and marriages.

For way too long people have taken this issue to one of two horrifically WRONG EXTREMES. 1) Hatred toward homosexuals and the entire LGBT community or 2) full acceptance because we are too afraid to voice what the Word of God says for fear of getting backlash.

Neither is the right position. I love homosexuals! Yes, you read that correctly. I love homosexuals just as a I love those who persecute me, just as I love those who love me. Why? Because Jesus Christ loves them too and because of this love I will forever voice what God says on all these matters. God says homosexuality is wrong, so my view is that it is wrong. It is not about people coming to terms with the “times” as Schaefer says, it is about standing firm on what God says. Schaefer’s simple statement of saying that we are “behind the times” is in fact telling God that God is out of date and out of touch with humanity and the times we are living in. This is blasphemy!

Frank Schaefer, has misspoken, God does not create for the purpose of condemnation. Therefore, one cannot be born homosexual but we are all born heterosexual (going back to first creations and then again when the world was re-populated God gave the command to be fruitful. God is no saboteur).

Let me say this, hatred, abuse and/or shunning of homosexuals and the entire LGBT community is wrong! It is evil in its very nature. No one deserves that kind of treatment, it is unacceptable. While I do not support their lifestyles, and that is no hidden fact, I love them with the love of Christ. I hate having to write this and use the word “them” but for the sake of this piece I have to for clarity.

My word of caution to anyone who declares Christ Jesus, is this:

Study the Word of God without personal bias. Fact is fact, that’s universal. Do not change the Word of God to suit you or your circumstances. Do not turn away those who come to you, show them what you believe based on the Word of God without bias. Welcome with open arms as Christ did but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT CHANGE biblical standard to please yourself nor anyone else. Finally, love. If you are unsure on how to do all of this, ask the Lord to show you how. Keep in mind that disagreeing does not mean hatred.

Scripture References:

Genesis 1:28; 9:1 (Be fruitful and multiply)

Luke 21:33; Isaiah 55:11 (God’s word is solid and true)

Romans 1:24-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (God says about homosexuality)

1 Corinthians 13  (Love)

Comments welcomed below.


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  1. I cannot agree with this more. But, I am an Atheist, the “word of God” is just things written by men with an agenda more than 400 years after there was a christ, if there ever was. I will leave the comment with Exodus 21:2-8 at least, regarding the righteousness of slavery…

    • Sir you are wrong. One of the main reason the Bible was written down by men was to be able to prove its validity. How could we prove the Bible is valid with no authors than God himself? If God would have written the Bible before the world was created and left it for us you would still say something negative and it would be harder proving its validity. Your statement regarding being written 400 years after Christ is far from true. The Bible per-dates the NT Jesus and writings about his existence from historians including atheists confirms the Bible. Give me one historical evidence that shows the Bible as being either fairy tales or not historically correct? I feel sorry for you because I was once blind and now I see, but it appears as if your blind and think your seeing in the darkness. Study the Bible before making statements misunderstood especially Exodus. I’ll pray for you because the life of an atheist is so depressing. You work just to die, while I work to live forever. Great article Silver Tongued.

      • Oh thanks guys for your feedback! I love the dialogue.

      • First, i apologize if this becomes a Hijacking Silver Tongued, my intent was not to start a fight, but since one has landed on your doorstep, and my lap, i will do my best to defend myself, without insulting. Anonymous, you assume much, and offer little. You phrase your arguments in question form so as to lead me to an answer that is not self-evident. The writings the New Testament is based on are the dead Sea Scrolls, most reliably dated to between 400 BCE and 3-400 AD, though that is debatable because of many assumptions with the surrounding artifacts. And the inclusion of Apocrypha in the dead sea scrolls, but the continued exclusion in modern translations is incredibly difficult to not explain as editing of “the Word of God” by lesser men. As for historical inaccuracy, i will fly right past the easiest, the creation myth borrowed from the Epic of Gilgamesh and other Babylonian and Sumerian stories, and go to more in depth references, such as the lifetimes in the hundreds of years, Methuselah being the most notable. The recent uncovering of evidence that was hidden by european scholars that there were no slaves building the pyramids, but conscripts and happy citizens. Herrod’s slaughter of the innocents that never happened… and many more. I see much. As for the attack on my religious education, i was raised Lutheran by a protestant mother and a Mormon father, I have read the works of Christianity, and participated in its rites, as well as Shinto. I have studied and read the writings of Siddartha Gautama Buddha, the Upanishads, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and some Hindu texts (the 4 previous mentions were all written before the Great Flood in the bible, and many before the Old Testament itself) I have also Studied a little of the Muslim and Hindu teachings as well. I also have practiced rites and studied several of the Native American belief systems also. i would wager my level of understanding and comprehension is beyond what you not only expect, but what you possess as well. You label me an atheist, yet in this whole time i have neither made that claim, nor do i now. As for my mention of the Exodus passages, they most indeed refer to the taking of slaves, and the protocols for doing so. It states that Hebrew slaves should be treated better than others, and it gives different treatments for men and women. While the amount of slavery differs according to whatever historical “expert” you may be talking to, slavery was prevalent and commonplace in the old world, and Exodus proves that at least the teachings of that faith condone it. Not only that but it requires preferential treatment of its own people as slaves! Your lack of vision as to who and what i am is not a lacking on my part, but one on yours. i was making a small retort to Silver tongued’s mention of the bible in supporting a view against homosexuals. i kept my response short and appropriate to hers, while being neither negative, nor accusatory. i made no reference to her character then, nor do i now. i appreciate her comments on my blog, and enjoy her writings. As for you, you have taken enough of my time and a meager amount of my mental effort. i responded to your attack, and given a little more insight into my own self. You’re welcome.

      • Where should I start? First let me say to Silvertongued I was just giving you credit for the article and I wasn’t saying Andersays said anything disrespect or wrong. I was making it clear I read the article instead of just commenting on his comment. With that now clear Andersays you said “But, I am an Atheist, the “word of God”, I’ll end it there. I didn’t assume you were an atheist you said it in your second sentence. I’m not one to brag but I studied Hinduism, Buddahism, the Occult, Scientology, Wicca, the practices of Satanists and I’m a Christian. There’s a book called “The Wreck of the Titan” in that book it described a ship going from the UK to NY and crashed into an iceberg and sank. This book was published in 1898 14 years before the Titanic, so since this book was written before the Titanic it is safe to assume The Titanic was fictitious. In the book it was so precise with what took place to the real world event here’s what was said in the book it mentions the Titan crashed at “400 miles from Newfoundland at 25 knots” the Titanic crashed 400 miles from Newfoundland at 22.5 knots. There are a lot of similar stories as well that seem to predict future events, so implying the Bible is written from those books is baseless. You also mention the men who wrote the Bible had an agenda. Why would a Jew write so negatively about their own race? I mean the Jews were God’s chosen people yet they disobeyed, worshipped idols, etc even after being saved from Pharoah. Another thing you would also have to deal with is that none of the men who wrote the Bible takes credit for anything, all the glory is given to God. In the Old Testament Jesus showed himself in Daniel chapter 3, Jesus was always around He was born into the world through Mary just to die for our sins. Herod killing innocent people was not even news, King Herod was an evil man and you can find that all over the internet. Herod killed the babies in Bethlehem looking for Jesus, but there weren’t a lot of people living in Bethlehem at that time, he didn’t kill hundreds of babies it was a small amount. News of King Herod killing people or babies is not anything outside his nature. If you are not an atheist what is your belief or are you an agnostic? I do not mean to be disrespectful and I apologize if I came off as such.

      • Gentlemen, no apologies to me are necessary. Thank you though. I love the dialogue here. Reading both of your comments- you’re both respectfully disagree and dialoguing. We will always disagree on various things, religion being relevant here, but the key is respect. Well done gentlemen. *Silver Tongued backs away* Carry on.

      • I am a minor athiest. I hold the bible in the same regard as other works of religious fervor: a way to explain the wisdom of the people and the time it was written. i do find it telling that you use fictional works to reference the bible’s truth, for that is how I see it too: a work of fiction that is open for interpretation. Just look at all of the derivative works from Shakespeare’s stories. It is human nature to mimic. To state that “God” spoke to someone 3000 years ago and that is the absolute truth is a level of ignorance and a lack of spiritual growth i do not keep in my life.I regard Satanism in the same light as Christianity, since they 2 sides of the same coin. Live your life, i will live mine. my information is not limited to the internet, and i do not selectively look for information. Historical inaacuracy of the bible and contradiction that is eminent through it is all over the internet too, but i am sure you will fight that despite overwhelming evidence. keep picking and choosing your history to suit your belief system. I choose to keep that level and type of ignorance out of my life, Thanks for the conversation, i do appreciate the respect you gave me in this reply. my belief is one of secular humanism. i also believe in the existence of consciousness. And i would pose this question to you: What is the difference between consciousness and soul?

      • No need in being disrespectful as that would be counterproductive. I’ve been very busy but I could not just ignore your question. Consciousness requires some type of action as is described as awareness of something within ones self. Some call themselves gods, kings, etc and that doesn’t mean what they are saying is true, so being conscious is just an acknowledgement while a soul is a immaterial entity within oneself. Someone doesn’t need to be conscious of a souls existence for it to be true, it requires absolutely no action at all. It exists without belief in one or the latter. I would compare Satanism to Christianity because the founder (Anton Levay) said they didn’t even believe in or worship the devil, it goes in line with being “conscious” or enlightened hence the term illuminati being used today. Levay made his empire in CA so his influences are all over movies and entertainment as a whole. It was said maybe true or not that before his death he said he made a mistake and he was going to hell, but that is up for debate. In regards to using a fictional work to relate to the Bible I was making a point. Similarities in a fictional book doesn’t make nonfiction obsolete. The Epic of Gilgamesh was written after the flood and was in reference to Nimrod who the Bible refers to as a mighty hunter. Nimrod was responsible for the building of Babel, he hated God because of bribing the flood to destroy his descendants, so he built a tower or ziggurat to work themselves or false gods (consciousness). Nimrod who be considered the godfather of confusion in my eyes leading to so many false religions and misinterpretation of the Bible. The Bible does not contradict at all, people misinterpret the Bible. I would be inclined to do my best to debunk some of those contradicts whenever you have the time. Sorry for taking so long to respond as I’ve been very busy, but please keep this going as it strengthens my belief in God even more. I hope at the end of our conversation you can at least say you’ve learned something as I have already and for that I say thank you.

      • no, i actually am not, as the fact that you continually re-interpret and misrepresent what you are saying. satanism was NOT invented in CA, and Nimrod was not the main character in the epic of Gilgamesh, and it predates the Old Testament by nearly 1000 years. thaat is a bit of a stretch, but since the Akkadian tablets are generally considered an Official retelling for babylonian government, it is not a stretch to assume that the actual beginnings of it are well before then, while the generally accepted dates of the Moses exodus are at minimum 600 years older, and that is a conservative estimate that archaeological evidence at the pyramid sites supports, and the main character is Enkidu and Gilgamesh, not Nimrod, who was a different king altogether. if the Bible is up for interpretation, then it is a fictional work. It is a story with a moral, and open for interpretation, and if you say your interpretation of “God’s word” is right, why would your version be better than anyone else’s? what makes your version superior to any other human being? if i interpret it to mean something different, who are you to say that my “interpretation” is lesser or better? if it is God’s word, why so much ambivalence? Consciousness does not require action. You most definitely have far too narrow an interpretaion of the word “aware”. To be aware requires consciousness first. And i am loath to put the question out there, because I can already tell with the narrow definition you keep, if i ask how can a bundle of atoms be “conscious” you will answer “soul” which is a bit of circular logic i dont think you will even see. so no, i will no longer continue this. it is not worth my continuing time. i defended my position, i have replied with respect, and i have not tried to convince you. i do find it interesting that you mention a satanic cult in CA, but nevertheless, it is a narrow bit of knowledge. have a good life, i am sure that you will find some way to twist my words on a piecemeal basis to suit your needs thanks for the entertainment though, i appreciate it,

      • I made some grammatical errors and I can’t edit them: “I wouldn’t compare Satanism”, “he hated God because of bringing the flood”, and “so he built a tower or ziggurat to worship themselves or false gods”. Nimrod means rebel it doesn’t actually refer to a name of a person.

      • I speak fluent typonese, i understoood, but it was more than a grammatical error, you made your entire basis on the idea of the story being about Nimrod, who was indeed the king who built the tower of biblical fame, a contemporary of Abraham, and came after Noah by a generation or two, still far from the several hundred years that King Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu were written about… thanks again for the respect. i hope i have given the same. i do at least respect the effort and obvious time you have put into your learning, and i do respect your willingness to pur your learning out there for commentary… kudos for that

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