Hair & Beauty


My Lovelies, this page is for all of you who love all things beauty related 🙂 Yes, hair, nails, makeup … Well, you get the picture (haha).

Submit your questions– and of course comments are welcomed. Let’s be BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER!


My Hair & Style 🙂 :

PROTECTIVE STYLE: Double side twists with a twist out bang

Ignore that pimple (even though I just pointed it out LOL). *Disclaimer: It was a long day. *

The Apple Cider Vinegar Wash Really Works: Finished Twists


My DIY Hairstyles ❤

Follow Up: No Itch after washing hair in ACV!!!

ACV Wash

This is for anyone who, like myself, likes to protective style their hair but has had allergic reactions to additional hair (synthetic or human but not grown from your own scalp).

Check out this video:


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