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New Website!!!!!

Hey Lovies and Lovelies! It is my pleasure to present to you *drum roll*


It has been a labor of love, with you all on my mind. I told you that you were not forgotten! 🙂 The site contains all of your favorite blog posts (I will be blogging from there from now on so please subscribe to the RSS Feed: Blogging with a Silver Tongue) and so much more!!!

I love you for reading, thank you!


Atheist Billboard: Attack or Innocent?

We all have different beliefs, that’s fine. We are all free to believe what we want. However, I draw the line at open attacks. This is an attack.


If Christians are accused of “forcing” their beliefs on you when they say “I don’t agree with (insert controversial topic)”, what then is this billboard?


If the answer given is “free speech” then please accept the title of “Hypocrite”.


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