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Hey Lovies!

I hope you have had the chance to check out the new website:

If you haven’t please take the time to take a look. As always interaction is encouraged.

Alright, down to the matter at hand… New Post! If you are struggling right now, depressed, facing a difficult time or just need a ‘pick me up’ this one’s for you!

Take Heart: You’re Not Alone


Nelson Mandela: The Legacy Lives On


Nelson Mandela. A great man in this world’s history. His legacy is not tied down to one place and time, it lives on and is reflected in freedoms and victories and talks and lives- worldwide!

A gentleman, a wise man, a peacemaker, a mover and shaker- shifting the unjust winds of the world with heart and will stronger than many. A legend! We are thankful for the 95 years that President Nelson Mandela spent on this earth tilling the ground until it yielded fruits worthy of eating, sharing and replanting.

My prayers are with his family, friends and those who knew him.


Be inspired and let’s continue what he, like many before us, started. We must continue walking!

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