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One Woman’s Confession

It is time to be completely emotionally naked with you all. I have a confession, read on… Please comment on



Getting to Know Me

Week by week, day by day I realize that I’m getting to know myself. Sounds weird I know. Getting to know myself is not like finding myself- I know where I am.

Finding yourself typically entails figuring out what you like, taking in new things, travel and putting all you’ve been taught on the back burner to test old opinions and teachings, etc. Getting to know yourself asks the tougher question of “Why?” Why do you like what you like? What influences you? It is all about introspection.

Quiet meditation and talking to God followed by listening when He speaks truly amplifies the “Getting to Know Me Process”. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t painful and revealing but what’s better is that the pain is so forgettable when the joy of understanding comes in. Did I lose you? I hope not.

All I’m saying is that I’m on an amazing journey of getting to know myself through God. He is helping me with the “why’s”. I’m naked, emotionally, and that’s okay.


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