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Expectations… Setup for Failure or Stepping Stones to Success?

We’ve all either heard or read the following:


This quote is a defeatist quote. It is only uttered when one is disappointed because someone let them down or because there has been a setback somewhere in life. Defeatist, by definition, means someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions. A person who has given up, period. The truth is disappointment comes whether you expect it or not. Our attitudes are what determines future outcomes. Read the rest of this entry




Epiphany moment! Tonight I had an incredible epiphany. It was a meeting of my peers, all women gathered for prayer and sharing. Then it dawned on me… It is incredibly important to be surrounded by people who share similar views on life.

I know, I know some of you have realized that a long time ago (what can I say, I bloomed later than you haha). However, here’s the point: Read the rest of this entry

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