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Evolving Strong Friendships

A friend asked me about friendship dynamics. I’d never put words to paper on the subject but I have thought about it exhaustively.

She specifically asked about the evolution and strengthening of friendships. How would I even begin on such a topic? What research should be done? Am I over thinking it? Read the rest of this entry




We have officially shut down as a government. (deep sigh) In this day and time would you think this could or would happen to the United States of America? I for one, can say “No, I would have never thought this…”

Two things going on here: 1) Republican temper tantrums crippling the government because their party lost two presidential elections to a man who is counted as a minority and according to Donald Trump, is not an American.
2) See number 1.


The hatred for President Obama is so real that sabotage began as soon as he was elected! Does that sound like the country’s best interest? It certainly does not. This was the plan slated by the Republican Party because they lost the presidential election but hoped to and succeeded in taking control of the House. (See video here: )

I agree with Rachel Maddow, this is blatant disrespect and disregard for government, of which they are supposed to be representatives, and for the people of this country. What also saddens and sickens me is that there are those who believe that what is being done is right, however, the only reason this belief has spread far and wide is because only pieces are being shown to the general public. Whole truths are said in smaller circles around those they actually think “matter” or at the very least said in quick blurbs with a smile and just like that its overlooked.

Answer this, why is it so easy to shutdown government, halt business, home buying (the American dream is it not?), close parks and museums, and send hundreds of thousands of people home with only IOUs as they sit with their families anxiously waiting for the other boot to drop INSTEAD of passing a budget that looks to benefit the whole country? If you mention a business losing money because they’d have to get health insurance for their workers- you know the people who make your dreams come true- then my suggestion to them is to hire robots, their parts are replaceable.

I’m so angry, this is not what being American is about. Life, liberty and justice? Where? When? I don’t see it.

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